1000birthslab - ID: 603-904-125 1 Stephanie Lee October 2,...

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ID: 603-904-125 Stephanie Lee October 2, 2010 Stats10: Disc 2D-Mine In this lab, we are trying to see whether smoking affects the health of newborns and whether they are more likely to be born premature. Through an observational study in which data for 1000 births is randomly chosen and compiled, we sought possible associations between smoking habits of mothers and health of babies (though other factors that may affect an infants’ health are included). Although the percentages for smokers and nonsmokers who have premature babies is too close to draw an association between the two, by comparing the percentages of smokers and nonsmokers who had lightweight babies, we can assume that smoking still has a negative impact on babies. After seeing these results, we can expect women will be less likely to smoke during the nine months they are pregnant seeing that doing so seems to be associated with lightweight babies. 1. Unit of Observation: Each baby Variables: Father's age (years): numerical Mom's age (years): numerical Maturity of Mother: categorical Length of gestation (weeks): numerical Premature: categorical Pre-delivery visits: numerical Marital Status: categorical Race of mom: categorical Hispanic mom: categorical Weight gained by mom (pounds): numerical Weight of baby at birth (pounds): numerical Low birth weight: categorical Sex of baby: categorical Mom's smoking habits: categorical
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1000birthslab - ID: 603-904-125 1 Stephanie Lee October 2,...

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