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Stephanie Lee October 19, 2010 Stats 10: Disc. 2D-Mine 1: Summarize the question being answered or the problem being solved in the lab. In this lab, we examined the “hot hand” phenomenon and whether this long held belief, which re- futes the assumption that each shot is independent of the next, is real or not. 2: Briefly describe the data and study type. Through an observational study of Kobe Bryant’s career shooting percentage over the course of the 2009 NBA Finals, in which data for 135 shots was collected and 78 streaks determined, we focused on streak lengths of made baskets and compared this actual distribution to that of simu- lated players in Fathom assuming their successive shots are independent and defining the length of a shooting streak to be the number of consecutive baskets made until a miss occurs. 3: Briefly describe the analysis techniques you applied. We first assumed successive shots to be independent when creating a distribution of streak lengths for simulated players with shooting percentages equal to Kobe’s (45%) and then we com- pared this simulation data to that of Kobe’s actual streak length to see if the two distributions were similar enough to determine whether or not the “hot-handed” phenomena appears to be real. 4: Provide a conclusion in plain language. In comparing the actual distribution of streak lengths to a simulated players’ distribution and see-
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hot-handlab - Lee- 1 Stephanie Lee October 19, 2010 Stats...

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