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Math 3B Honors – Castroconde Name: In-class Worksheet (10.4) I.D.#: 1. After 3 hours it is observed that certain bacteria population has grown to 400 bacteria. After 10 hours there are 2000 bacteria present. If it is known that this type of bacteria grows at a rate proportional to the number of bacteria present at any time, find the time it takes for the population to double in size. 2. The population of a bacteria colony develops with a constant relative growth rate of
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Unformatted text preview: 0.7944 per member per day. On day zero the population consists of 2 bacteria. First find a differential equation that models the population growth, and then find the population size after 6 days. 3. When a cold drink is taken from the refrigerator, its temperature is 5ºC. After 25 minutes in a 20ºC room its temperature has increased to 10ºC. When will the temperature of the drink be 15ºC?...
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