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Acid - Base Worksheet - Answer Key
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ACID – BASE WORKSHEET – ANSWER KEY GENERAL CHEMISTRY PAGE 1 OF 3 Answer Key Acid – Base Worksheet 1. Identify each of the following as an acid or a base. Write a chemical equation showing how it is an acid or a base according to the Arrhenius definition. (a) NH 4 + (aq) (b) KOH (aq) (c) HI (aq) (d) Sr(OH) 2 (aq) Answer The Arrhenius definition defines an acid is a substance that products H + ions in aqueous solution and a base as a substance that produces OH - ions in aqueous solution (a) NH 4 + H + (aq) + NH 3 (aq) Acid –Produces a proton (a) KOH (aq) K + (aq) + OH - (aq) Base – Produces hydroxide (b) HI (aq) H + (aq) + I - (aq) Acid – Produces a proton (c) Sr(OH) 2 (aq) Sr 2+ (aq) + 2OH - (aq) Base – Produces hydroxide 2. Classify the following acids as weak or strong. Write an equation for the dissociation of each acid in water, according to the Bronsted-Lowry definition. (a)
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