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NAMING CHARTS Ionic Compounds (Metal to Non-Metal) Common Monotmic Cations and Anions Common Type II Cations Cation Name Anion Name Cation Systematic Name Alternate Name Cr 3+ Chromium (III) Chromic Li + Lithium H - Hydride Cr 2+ Chromic (II) Chromous Na + Sodium F - Fluoride Mn 3+ Manganese (III) Manganic K + Potassium Cl - Chloride Mn 2+ Manganese (II) Manganous Rb + Rubidium Br - Bromide Fe 3+ Iron (III) Ferric Cs + Cesium I - Iodide Fe 2+ Iron (II) Ferrous Fr + Francium O 2- Oxide Co 3+ Cobalt (III) Cobaltic Be 2+ Beryllium S 2- Sulfide Co 2+ Cobalt (II) Cobaltous Mg 2+ Magnesium Se 2- Selenide Ni 3+ Nickel (III) Nickelic Ca 2+ Calcium N 3- Nitride Ni 2+ Nickel (II) Nickelous Sr 2+ Strontium P 3- Phosphide Cu 2+ Copper (II) Cupric Ba 2+ Barium Cu + Copper (I) Cuprous Ra 2+ Radium Sn 4+ Tin (IV) Stannic B 3+ Boron Sn 2+ Tin (II) Stannous Al 3+ Aluminum Pb 4+ Lead (IV) Plumbic Ga 3+ Gallium Pb 2+ Lead (II) Plumbous In 3+ Indium Au 3+ Gold (III) Auric Si 4+ Silicon Au + Gold (I) Aurous Ge 4+
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