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Unformatted text preview: GENERAL CHEMISTRY CHAPTER 11 – INTERMOLECULAR FORCES, LIQUIDS, & SOLIDS PAGE 1 OF 22 Intermolecular Forces, Liquids and Solids → Recall: Matter can be classified as solid, liquid, or gas based on the characteristics it exhibits State Shape Volume Compress Flow Solid Fixed Fixed No No Liquid Indefinite Fixed No Yes Gas Indefinite Indefinite Yes Yes Fixed = keeps shape when placed in a container Indefinite = takes the shape of the container → The molecules in a gas have complete freedom of motion Their kinetic energy overcomes the attractive forces between the molecules → The molecules in a solid are locked in place, they cannot move around T hough they do vibrate, they don’t have enough kinetic energy to overcome the attractive forces → The molecules in a liquid have limited freedom – they can move around a little within the structure of the liquid They have enough kinetic energy to overcome some of the attractive forces, but not enough to escape each other → The properties of solids, liquids, and gases can be explained based on the kinetic energy of the molecules and the attractive forces between molecules Kinetic energy tries to give molecules freedom of motion Attractive forces try to keep the molecules together → One phase of matter can be transformed to another by changing the temperature, pressure, or both Intermolecular Forces → Intermolecular forces = the forces that act between molecules rather than within an individual molecule...
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