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Mathematics 4A – Calculus III Spring Semester 2010 Text: Stewart’s Calculus (6 th edition) Instructor: Miriam Castroconde Office: B275 Tel.: (949) 451-5396 email: Office Hours: MW 11:00-12:30, TTH 11-12:00 GRADING POLICY: Projects 10% A 90 – 100 Quizzes 15% B 80 – 89 Three exams (15% each) 45% C 70 – 79 Final exam 30% D 60 – 69 Total 100% F 0 – 59 Projects: Maple projects are used to help students learn the material being taught in class. The projects will be 10% of the course grade. Projects must be submitted using Blackboard by the assigned due date. Projects not submitted through Blackboard will receive 0 points . No late projects will be accepted. Maple is installed in the Math Tutorial Center (B363), the Math Computer Lab (B118), and the Computer Center (BSTIC 209). If you would like to buy your own copy of Maple, look for the link to do so in Blackboard. Quizzes and Worksheets:
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