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Module 3a - Anions are negatively charged Cathode Ray tube...

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Inside the Atom Silicon’s surface atoms Si critical to semiconductor industry Imaging of individual atoms! Volta’s early contribution Made the first battery that brought electricity under control. Electrolysis of molten salts Humphrey Davy discovered that Na, K, Mg, Sr, Ca, Ba, has electrical properties Michael Faraday Electrodes Positive – anode Negative – cathode Ions Cations are positively charged
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Unformatted text preview: Anions are negatively charged Cathode Ray tube Very low pressure gas tube inside You can see particles moving through the tube Thompson and the electron Beams of cathode rays are deflected away from negative plate and toward positive plate Positive particles Perforated cathode Negative particles move just as freely as before Positive charged particles collect near cathode...
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