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hw10 - CS 473 Algorithms Fall 2010 HW 10(due Thursday...

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CS 473: Algorithms, Fall 2010 HW 10 (due Thursday, December 2) This homework contains four problems. Read the instructions for submitting homework on the course webpage . In particular, make sure that you write the solutions for the problems on separate sheets of paper; the sheets for each problem should be stapled together. Write your name and netid on each sheet. Collaboration Policy: For this home work, Problems 1-3 can be worked in groups of up to 3 students each. Problem 0 should be answered in Compass as part of the assessment HW10-Online and should be done individually. 0. (10 pts) HW10-Online on Compass. 1. (25 pts) Let G = ( V,E ) be an undirected graph. A subset S V of nodes in G is called a covering set if for all v V , v S or there is some node u S such that { u,v } ∈ E . In other words every node in V \ S is connected by an edge to some node in S . The decision version of the minimum covering set problem is the following: Given a graph G and an integer k , does
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