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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ENG 6, Engineering Problem Solving Spring 2006 Problem Set #2 Due Saturday, April 15 at 5:00 pm (Late submissions will be accepted until Monday, Apr. 17 at 5 pm, for a maximum of half credit.) For the following problems you are to create the specified script files and submit them via the MyUCDavis web portal, as described in the instructions below. Your script files should contain comments so that it is easy to determine what has been defined and what has been computed. The displayed output should clearly identify the variable whose value is displayed and specify its units . Variable names should be chosen to correspond to the mathematical variables used in the problem definitions as given below. Also make sure to use the clear and clc commands at the beginning of each script IMPORTANT NOTE: It is okay to work together on the homework assignments, but in the end you must write up and submit your own version of the script separately from anyone else. That is, you may not copy and submit someone else’s script or portion thereof, even if you helped work on it. Problem 2.1 The magnitude M of an earthquake on the Richter scale is given by 0 10 log 3 2 E E M = , where E is the energy released by the earthquake and E 0 = 10 4.4 joules is a constant (the energy of a small reference earthquake; note that the exponent here is 4.4, not 44). Use Matlab to do the following. In each case use the disp command (set to format short) to display the results. (a) Calculate and display the amount of energy (in joules) released in a magnitude 6 earthquake, a magnitude 7 earthquake, and a magnitude 8 earthquake earthquake. (b) The Hiroshima atomic bomb had an explosive yield of about 15,000 tons of TNT, which is about 6.3x10 13 joules. It has also been estimated that the collapse of the World Trade Center towers generated about 6.8x10 11 joules. Calculate and display the amount of energy released in earthquakes of magnitude 6, 7, and 8, but this time do it in “Hiroshima atomic bomb” units and “WTC collapse” units. (That is, a magnitude 6 earthquake is equivalent to how many Hiroshima atomic bombs and how many WTC
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ps2_Sp06 - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS Department of...

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