Notes 1-12-2010

Notes 1-12-2010 - o War, Violence, Inequality, Injustice,...

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IR 210: International Relations: Introductory Analysis Notes 1-12-2010 Ordering Floppy Disks in Poland (Case) o Inefficiency o Transition to democracy o How America tries to influence other countries o Capitalism underlies democracy o Lack of an open society o Wanting to share information with foreigners o People need jobs o Pew Charitable Trusts – funded Post-Cold War projects in the Eastern Block o Project Liberty o Liberal Internationalism Syllabus o Theory course o Ideas/theories belong to someone o My view is not universal shared o All exams are essay exams o All exams have choices A Problem-Solving Discipline o What critical issues define the field? o How do we understand and explain the actions states?
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Unformatted text preview: o War, Violence, Inequality, Injustice, Governance Worldview Analysis Man looks at this world through transparent patterns of templets, which he creates and then attempts to fit over the realities of which the world is composed. The fit is not always very good. G. Kelly 3 worldviews in IR o Maintainers o Reformers o Transformers WOMP world order models projects Deconstruct Obamas Nobel Peace Price o Is he a maintainer, reformer, transformer? Final o Who informs you and where do you get your information? o What is your worldview? o Do you consider other worldviews besides your own? o...
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Notes 1-12-2010 - o War, Violence, Inequality, Injustice,...

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