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Notes 1-14-2010

Notes 1-14-2010 - IR 210 International Relations...

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IR 210: International Relations: Introductory Analysis Notes 1-14-2010 “Those who disavow theories cannot make one step without theorizing” – john Stuart Mill Question for the day: Why study international relations? o Understand how and why decisions are made o Understand the world we live in o How our decisions influence others o Why things happen o Take advantage of the global economy o Want to know the rules and take advantage of the system o Reformer – cooperative problem solving, biggest danger attitude of the maintainers o Maintainer – make the state strong, want to take full advantage of the system o Transformers – more democratic/equal, emancipatory goal Agenda o Questions on course and syllabus o Worldviews—how they work matching Obama’s rhetoric with our worldview traditions o Fopo agenda—A—B—C issues o Secret bombing in Cambodia What do we expect a state to do?
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