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Notes 2-16-2010

Notes 2-16-2010 - I R 210 I n ternational Relations I n t...

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IR 210: International Relations: Introductory Analysis Notes 2-16-2010 Here is a collision of our policy worlds: o “The knowledge era is spreading economic ideas, and these ideas have three cultural effects, not one. They make cultures rub against each other, causing international friction. They also the cultures together, which offsets the first effect. And they may well increase tensions within a cultural area as some groups accommodate the world themselves to the world while others turn their backs on it.” – Economist 1996 How these worlds “smoosh” together? “Beyond the Universal: the Cultural Myopia of US Social Science” – Kishore Mahbubani Learning objectives o Lessons from first two policy worlds o The cultural world – three dimensions Traditional Political Popular Political and economic world – three discoveries? Something you had not thought about before? o Political o Economic o Need to know Actors Belief systems Power and influence
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Issues/controversies Political world o Actors o Belief systems – maintainer, reformer, transformer o Different political culture for every country o Many countries in Europe – Jeffersonian and Wilsonian o Issues/controversies – security dilemmas are usually because of states Networks of terrorism Not just state by state basis Not just fighting states Economic o
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