Notes 3-25-2010

Notes 3-25-2010 - IR 210 3-25-2010 The struggle for power...

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IR 210 3-25-2010 “The struggle for power rises simply because men want things, not because there is some evil in their desires.” - Hans Morgenthau Learning objectives Levels of analysis - four tools drawers filled with analytical tools Hazardous Waste case study as a research project Hazardous Waste case study Example - exploitation of the global south Dumping problems on others Effects of individuals on international relations Nation states inability to manage the problems created by globalization Inability versus unwillingness Levels of analysis Level one Role of individuals Level two Not in my backyard Accepting the ship Environmental risk in industrialization Influence on global civil society on the states Anarchy in the system Regimes Worked because they had no real enforcers of power/rules Influence on global media Italian paper The Guardian Machiavellian National interest - make sure they are not disposing in our country Dump on the third world As long as they are not dumping on us we do not care Example - national interest versus global interests Nigerian interests versus world It is not the Italians fault Grotian Failure of a multilateral regime Guilty countries helped West Germans did not know what the ship was being used for
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Notes 3-25-2010 - IR 210 3-25-2010 The struggle for power...

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