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Session Two: Your questions about the syllabus A few words on "Belief Formation" Worldview Assumptions Exercise: A critical analysis of Obama and your choice Nobel Peace prize Speech A quick comparison of Worldview categories and ABC foreign policy issues Part II: The Secret Bombing of Cambodia Introduces the notion that much of IR involves ethical dilemmas If time: Background on Capt. Rockwood case Session Three: 1. One more worldview application -How would Maintainer/Machiavellian-Reformer/Grotian-Transformer/Kantian and Transformer/Marxists define their interests and goals in terms of the foreign policy priorities? In terms of priorities, what would be their A-B-C issue agenda with A issues being the most important interests? 2. Case: Secret Bombing-if you read the case from three different worldview perspectives, are there three different stories here? What is the ethical dilemma facing Major Knight? Is this unique to this case or an enduring part
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Unformatted text preview: of international relations? 3. Case: Capt. Rockwood What is the story here? US position? Interests? Why did the US intervene? Capt. Rockwood's position? What does this case tell us about the problems created by humanitarian intervention? Is Capt. Rockwood "a bit of a nutter" or does his position reveal the gap between rhetoric and reality in most political discussions? What are the bigger or enduring lessons of this story? Look forward to Tuesday-Be Safe! Session Four:-One last word on wvs and policy priorities(promise)-The landscape of IR- Four worlds+ One-Michael Mann's Networks of power-Globalization-new or just different- World I: The Economic World Exam Question: After our discussion today, you should be able to answer the following question: How did the processes of globalization contribute to the recent economic crisis?...
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