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IR 360: International Relations of the Pacific Rim Notes 4-22-2010 Potential solutions to human security o CSS approach open up space for different ways to think about security More emphasis on human security issues that benefits millions strengthens the security of the states – that demands sustained advocacy at local and regional levels Human security is not a zero-sum game. There are potential areas for bilateral and multilateral cooperation between states and NGOs or knowledge based communities o At the regional level It requires cooperation to address sources of human insecurities in the region. The concept of “comprehensive security” is a step in the right direction ASEAN needs to move away state-based “national security” toward people-centered security approaches, and from “talks” to “implementation” ASEAN states have to go beyond the ASEAN Way to address accept
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Unformatted text preview: a comprehensive concept of security For SE Asia, human security is a goal of afdsflsajfla o At the state level Need for effective and accountable governance because institutions of governance in most Asian states predominantly bypass the voiceless More inclusive polity that promote the rights of minorities because despite being a region with great diversity, a majoritarian political culture remains dominant o At the sub-state level It requires a shift from a highly centralized style of governance towards a participatory democracy Decentralize decision-making close to where action is or diffusing the exclusive power of the state to speak security Build effective partnership with local stakeholders (NGOs, private actors, and communities)...
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