Notes 9-16-2010

Notes 9-16-2010 - COMM 3315-502: Fundamentals of Marketing...

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COMM 3315-502: Fundamentals of Marketing Notes 9-16-2010 (B4) Global Marketing Fact o The word “brand” comes from the practice of 16 th century tavern owners actually adfafd Announcements o Lectures o FDPs and timeline o Marketing Plans (group project) Last day – homework – finish this for next day o Segmentation of Le Whif Case o Think of three segments Geographics Demographics Psychographics Benefits and usage A global firm o Operates in more than one country o Gains marketing, production, R&D, and financial advantages not available to purely domestic competitors o The global firm sees the world as one market Global firms ask a number of basic questions o What market position should we try to establish in our own country, in our economic region, and globally? o Who will our global competitors be, and what are their strategies and resources? o Where should we produce or source our product? o What strategic alliances should we form with other firms around the world?
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Looking at the global marketing environment o Tariffs – taxes on certain imported products designed to raise revenue or to protect domestic firms o Quotas – limits on the amount of foreign imports a country will accept in certain
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Notes 9-16-2010 - COMM 3315-502: Fundamentals of Marketing...

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