Notes 8-31-2010

Notes 8-31-2010 - COM M 4559-501: Emerging Markets Notes...

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Unformatted text preview: COM M 4559-501: Emerging Markets Notes 8-31-2010 (A2) Team assignments o Class 5 o Class 7 demonstrate challenges of entering emerging markets o Team case 1 in course packet syllabus has format instructions o Team case 2 class 17 plant location puzzle o Team case 3 class 19 in class simulation each team gets a 1 page mini case for 1 hour for a quick paper with recommendations Team members o Robert McCreary o John Morrissey o Maggie Hill Business culture Actual help wanted ad in Hong Kong o WANTED: SECRETARY, attractive woman; 23 to 26 years old; pleasant personality; 52 to 55; appropriate measurements What is cultural anthropology? o Indiana Jones searching for clues, fighting the Nazis and tossed into snake pits? Culture and international business o Research has shown that failures in the overseas business setting most frequently result from an inability to understand and to adapt to foreign ways of thinking and acting rather than from professional or technical incompetence. International competency is low in the US o Poor knowledge of geography o Lack of foreign languages o Unawareness of foreign leaders o An education system not designed for a global world o We are the largest economic power but we do have some disadvantages How does this affect business success?...
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Notes 8-31-2010 - COM M 4559-501: Emerging Markets Notes...

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