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Notes 9-17-2010

Notes 9-17-2010 - C O M M 4559-501 Emerging Ma r kets...

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COMM 4559-501: Emerging Markets Notes 9-17-2010 (A5) Packet – “Five Myths about Emerging Markets” A starting point o Research shows that companies from emerging markets are more successful than those selling into them from developed economies 1. Emerging markets are technology “backwaters” o MNCs tend to target these markets with low end products and basic features o Focus on low cost Poor environment makes demand for better products higher o Refuted Emerging market consumers are often “swift adaptors”, sometimes faster than in the west Priority spending focuses more on technology products than other discretionary items (as of 2007, emerging market user owned 3 billion mobile phones) Technology may be critical for their business success where infrastructure adffds Aafdaf 2. Emerging market consumers cannot afford technology purchases but o There is growing affluence o Emerging markets consumers are willing to pay for higher quality and innovation
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