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Notes 9-27-2010 - COMM 4559-501 Emerging Markets Notes(A8...

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COMM 4559-501: Emerging Markets Notes 9-27-2010 (A8) In class presentation – current events o Current year o Expect to find 2 articles about emerging markets o Have related articles o Bring copies of the articles Approaching a case analysis o A fast, first reading should identify a theme or central issue (sometimes > 1) in a case o Lots of information provided is background (what was known at the time) and may not necessarily be relevant to the analysis o On the other hand, information you may need is not always available in obvious or useful format, you may need to dig o Based on understanding the theme, go back into the case to identify the important facts and to interpret them o Consider all reasonable actions, including “do nothing”, comment on each, even those not recommended (why?) o Follow a logical approach, don’t answer case questions in isolation Cautions in case analysis o Limit your analysis and recommendations only to what was known at the time o Avoid hindsight – researching an actual outcome on the internet (etc.) & then attempting to back your case into this o Even if your recommendation is not what happened, a well supported argument can still be a successful case analysis Novartis Indonesia – A HBS Case Themes
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o The overriding issue in this case is managing in an emerging market during uncertainty.
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Notes 9-27-2010 - COMM 4559-501 Emerging Markets Notes(A8...

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