signal - 3.9123918e-01 4.9281670e-01 -6.4777990e-01...

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2.0000000e-03 1.9069180e+00 -1.2827459e+00 -1.0278843e+00 1.9599031e+00 - 3.0928282e-01 -1.7105667e+00 1.4564149e+00 6.8071304e-01 -1.8799097e+00 6.1372566e-01 1.4111859e+00 -1.5603687e+00 -3.0450413e-01 1.7222501e+00 -8.7117377e-01 -1.0823464e+00 1.5749403e+00 -1.3548866e-02 -1.5065125e+00 1.0101789e+00 7.6873299e-01 -1.4585208e+00 2.2623466e-01 1.2166616e+00 -9.9519434e-01 -4.7264825e-01 1.2053870e+00 -3.4519534e-01 -8.5756175e-01 8.5622763e-01 1.9940002e-01 -8.7211467e-01
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Unformatted text preview: 3.9123918e-01 4.9281670e-01 -6.4777990e-01 4.4045083e-03 5.3522271e-01 -3.4587481e-01 -2.0867277e-01 3.9176796e-01 -7.5815041e-02 -2.3235672e-01 1.7076784e-01 4.6201779e-02 -7.8306174e-02 -5.1144379e-03 -3.9879744e-02 1.2998155e-01 1.3860220e-02 -2.8030243e-01 1.9759333e-01 2.7404382e-01 -4.8857803e-01 1.8222823e-03 6.1879349e-01 -4.4649009e-01 -4.2028167e-01 8.2464854e-01 -1.0688063e-01 -8.5761113e-01 7.3211587e-01 4.2190305e-01 -1.1056042e+00...
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This note was uploaded on 01/22/2011 for the course ECE 410 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '08 term at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.

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