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Analyzing a Concept Essay - Terri Palmer English 105 Tasha...

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Terri Palmer English 105 Tasha Green 1/15/10 Talking Sex a Touchy Subject Do you have to be an expert to talk about sexual related topics? Sexuality is defined as the sexual knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors of individuals. Its dimensions include the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry of the sexual response and reproductive systems; gender identity, sexual orientation, roles and personality; as well as thoughts, attachments, physical and emotional expressions, and relationships (Religious Institute). When I was growing up it was very difficult for me to talk to my mother or anyone else about sex. My mother would always say if a boy tells you he loves you he’s lying to get in your panties; well that didn’t tell me much about why a boy would say he loves me to get in my panties. That left a lot of questions unanswered for me, so as a teen and being curious I did the opposite of what my mother had told me not to do. Growing up in a large family with five siblings, no father around and a very low income family, it was hard and most of what I learned was from family and friends that were mostly older than I was. I had a female cousin that I was close to that was older than me, she was not a good influence when it came to sex, and she had her first child at the age of fifteen. It is my responsibility as a mother to teach my children about sex and their bodies the best that I can explain to them. People can be uncomfortable when asked about anything sexual When asked to describe one’s sexuality can be quite an embarrassing or uncomfortable question, most people don’t know what to say or how to say it. We may not always be aware of it, but our sexual attitudes and
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Analyzing a Concept Essay - Terri Palmer English 105 Tasha...

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