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Course Unit Outline Template Revised Course Unit Outline Template . . . 12 th December 2008 1. Location FACULTY Arts and Social Sciences SCHOOL or DEPARTMENT English, Media and Performing Arts COURSE CODE MDIA 5023 COURSE NAME Public relations strategy SESSION One YEAR 2010 2. Table of contents Page 1. Location 2. 3. 4. Page one 2. Table of contents Page one 3. Staff contact details Page one 4. Course details Page one 5. Rationale Page two 6. Teaching strategies Page two 7. Assessment Page two 8. Academic honesty and plagiarism Page three 9. Expected resources for students Page four 10. Course evaluation and development Page four 11. Other information Page five 3. Staff contact details 1. Course Convener Name Professor Judy Motion Phone 93854857 Office Room 122 Robert Webster Building Email address [email protected] Contact time and availability Monday 2. 00 ‐ 4.00 4. Course details Credit Points 6 Units of Credit Summary of the Course This core public relations course within the Masters of Public Relations and Advertising provides a foundation understanding of public relations and the role that it may play in building meaningful, beneficial relationships between organizations, markets, audiences and publics, particularly in times of change. This course will provide students with an understanding of the fundamental communication and relational concepts and processes that underpin public relations strategies and campaigns. The course focuses on strategic communication planning; risk, issues and crisis communication; organizational communication; community relations; government relations; and ethics. Students will develop a strategic communication plan to address contemporary public relations issues. 1. The aim is to introduce students to key concepts and practices of public relations and current approaches for strategically communicating change and resolving conflict. Aims of the Course 2. Students will be able to explain and discuss the fundamental concepts of public relations planning, devise alternative strategies and responses to public relations issues and learn how to communicate within a variety of socio‐political and economic discourses and contexts. Student Learning Outcomes 1. Students will Understand the range of approaches and debates about the nature, role and
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Course Unit Outline Template Revised Course Unit Outline Template . . . 12 th December 2008 value of public relations 2. Understand why the planning process is important, identify research approaches, determine strategic objectives, select and justify strategies and campaign tactics 3. Apply communication and strategy concepts to campaign planning and prepare public relations communication texts and materials 4. Appreciate the importance of ethical public relations practice and social responsibility 1. In‐depth engagement with public relations concepts and debates 2.
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