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Aristotle Paper Intro Draft

Aristotle Paper Intro Draft - and emotion should be a...

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George Fountain III March 25, 2010 PHIL 201- “The Classical Mind,” Section 1 Clinical Assistant Professor Wilson Aristotle Paper ( 4.1126b11-1127a11) Introduction: In this passage, Aristotle claims that friendliness and obsequiousness are important social virtues for every man to possess. A man’s ability to comply and fit in with a group gives off a feeling of increased pleasure and reduced pain. A friendly person should be accepting and objecting to things in the right manner without any selfish intentions. Affection
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Unformatted text preview: and emotion should be a common view for friendship, but without these characteristics, people tend to develop hatred because there is no middle position. In establishing his own position, Aristotle seems to be responding to Plato’s four major virtues (wisdom, moderation, courage, and justice) when he writes about his own social virtues. This paper will show why Aristotle’s social virtues are so important to an individual’s healthy social life....
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