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Plato Paper Exposition Draft

Plato Paper Exposition Draft - 2 Since these gods are...

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George Fountain III February 14, 2010 PHIL 201- “The Classical Mind,” Section 1 Clinical Assistant Professor Wilson Plato Paper ( 2.377b10-378b7) Exposition: The reason Socrates is making these claims about Hesiod, Homer, and other poets is because Socrates believes they poorly represent important ideas within the city and society. The works of these poets “contained not just falsehoods, but falsehoods held up as models of good behavior.” 1 An example of this misrepresentation is how the actions of gods and goddesses are explained to children. By teaching children of the city about the unjust deeds of gods, “children will think it acceptable and honorable to do injustice.”
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Unformatted text preview: 2 Since these gods are supposed to be heroes and super humans, children would like to imitate their actions themselves. Socrates wishes to eliminate this type of speech in the city, and keeps blame on the mythical poets because no matter how entertaining the work may appear, “the man who told the biggest lie about the biggest things didn’t tell a fine lie.” 3 1 Griswold, Charles. "Plato on Rhetoric and Poetry (2003), 1 2 Dillon, Ariel. "Education in Plato's Republic (2004), 1 3 Allan Bloom. The Republic of Plato . (The Perseus Books Group, 1991), 377e6-7. [Type text]...
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