Republic Notes (Book 5-7)

Republic Notes (Book 5-7) - Book 5 As Socrates is...

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Book 5 As Socrates is discussing the just city, Polemarchus and Adeimantus interrupt him Socrates speaks about lifestyle of guardians He believes women fall along the same natural lines as men 3 Types: naturally appetitive, naturally spirited, and some naturally rational Requirement that all spouses and children be held in common For guardians, sex will only take place during fixed times of year, designated as festivals Husband and wife pairings will be made by lot All kids produced by these mating festivals will be taken from their parents and reared together No one knows which children descend from which adults Any child born outside festival time will be killed Socrates says this is the only way to have a unified city because it shares its aims and concerns During war, greek enemies should not be killed because they are seen as brothers The lovers of sights and sounds are aesthetes, dilettantes, people who claim expertise in the particular subject of beauty. Forms are universal absolute ideas, such as the Good, the Beautiful, and the Equal
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Republic Notes (Book 5-7) - Book 5 As Socrates is...

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