Republic Notes (Book 8-10)

Republic Notes (Book 8-10) - Book 8 4 City-man Pairs: 1....

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4 City-man Pairs: 1. Timocracy (honor-driven men) - As the love of money and wealth grows, the constitution will change so that ruling is based entirely on wealth. 2. Oligarchy (man driven by his necessary appetites) 3. Democracy (man driven by his unnecessary appetites) 4. Tyranny (man driven by unlawful appetites) Good leaders preserve old order and maintain virtue Poor rulers have private property and focus on wealth Timocractic system holds 5 faults: 1. It is ruled by people who are not fit to rule 2. It is divided into the rich and poor, constantly plotting against each other 3. City cannot fight a war because in order to fight, the rulers would have to arm the people, but they are even more afraid of the people (who hate them) than of outsiders. 4. No principle of specialization 5. City is the first to allow the greatest evil: people who live in the city without belonging to any class or having any role; people who are not producers, warriors, or rulers (“drones”). In democracy, no one occupies the appropriate roles.
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Republic Notes (Book 8-10) - Book 8 4 City-man Pairs: 1....

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