ENG101 Argument 1 Final Draft

ENG101 Argument 1 Final Draft - Fountain 1 George Fountain...

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Fountain 1 George Fountain III Lindsay Lawley Rerecich ENG 101, Section 05: Rhetoric and Composition March 2, 2010 Love Attracts The Navy recruitment poster is far more effective than the Vietnam draft resistance poster for several reasons. The use of color sends an intense flame to the viewers. A big vibrant text with stars, sends the message that the poster is important and worth the viewing time. A medium perspective is a valuable technique for the sailor recruitment poster, which allows the viewer to connect with the subjects being presented. The pathos appeal of the submarine service poster causes the audience to remember the action presented and attract an emotional tie to the image. A standout detail in the Navy submarine recruitment poster has to be the close distance separating the two subjects. The man and woman are seen holding one another tightly in their arms, along with standing and leaning into one another. The joyous woman seems grateful to see the man, dressed in his full submarine service uniform. The grinning man is also holding the woman with his arm around her, by gripping on her shoulder. Therefore, the jubilant couple manages to form a close enclosure where they can only see one another in their view. The tanned submarine sailor is presented as well kept, with a shaved face and combed hair, while standing tall alongside the shorter female. The sailor is starring at the young lady, who both appear to be in their twenties, with a delighted glance, as the woman shows her fascination with the shining pins on the man’s white uniform. The elated woman is somewhat savoring the moment spent with someone she seems to deeply care for. She manages to hold him so tightly that she is almost interlocking her fingers around the man’s back to his chest, where the medals sparkle and
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Fountain 2 shimmer in the light. There are several service medals on the sailor’s uniform, including the Silver Star, the American Defense Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Medal, and the American Campaign Medal. The youthful female’s dark hair hangs about shoulder length and has curls at the end, with a ribbon bowing out, which matches her top, bracelet, and newly-
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ENG101 Argument 1 Final Draft - Fountain 1 George Fountain...

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