ENG101 Argument 1 List of Revisions

ENG101 Argument 1 List of Revisions - posters Added...

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Fountain 1 George Fountain III Lindsay Lawley Rerecich ENG 101, Section 05: Rhetoric and Composition March 2, 2010 List of Argument 1 Paper Revisions Changed the fragment “its” in the introductory paragraph (to make it less vague) Deleted the question to start the narrative paragraph Deleted the second sentence in narrative paragraph, to add a clarified sentence instead of the question Changed the fragment “they” with the specific subject in the second sentence of the narrative paragraph Changed a little over half of the “the man” and “the woman” addresses to add a pronoun or figurative language to describe the subject I am addressing Changed abstract nouns in narrative section Changed the opening sentence of the Vietnam poster to make it more interesting Added information about the rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) of both
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Unformatted text preview: posters Added pronouns and figurative language to describe the ladies in the Vietnam poster Fountain 2 I moved the section about the picture in the Vietnam poster to a sentence with a list to describe the home environment because it was a pointless sentence that I had before. Applied the Vietnam poster to context, in order to discuss the hippie movement of the 1960s Added MLA citation to article quote and put works cited section at bottom of paper Added part applying both posters to persuasive appeals because it was a good point that I backed up earlier in the confirmation section Added information about what some of the medals on the sailors chest represent, to just give a more in-depth visual analysis of the poster details Changed introduction to add section about appeals used for each poster...
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ENG101 Argument 1 List of Revisions - posters Added...

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