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Discussion Questions: 1. The measurement of uncertainty in our lab is about one thousandths of a second. This is because data studio only measured time in four significant figures. Two of our trials had the same exact time and velocity. However, we know that the spring did not sprout for the same amount of time during both trials. 2. If air resistance is a factor, and therefore our measured range fell short of the calculated range. For the 25 degree experiment, our measured range was 30 cm smaller than the calculated range. This shows that there was certainly something that was pushing on the ball causing the ball to land closer to the launcher, and
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Unformatted text preview: this was air resistance. 3. The 45 degree launch angle is the one which creates the maximum range. This is the ideal angle because 90 degrees will cause the ball to go straight up, and an angle at 0 will not cause it to go very far. 4. The 25 degree has a larger value for the range with a calculated value of 1.79 meters. Whereas, the 0 degree angle only had a range of 1.59 meters. To mathematically come to this conclusion, one could use the kinematic equation for projectile motion: y(t)=h+(v0sinθ)t-1/2(gt^2)...
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