Physics110 Lab #9 write up

Physics110 Lab #9 write up - know this because our values...

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Experiment IX: Mechanical Energy George Fountain III Lab Partner: Swati Samtani Instructor: David Friedlander-Holm November 11, 2010 Physics 110: Section 002
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Abstract : An Atwood Machine was used to study the Law of Conservation of Energy and to determine the local gravitational constraint. In this experiment we attached two unequal masses to the vertically suspended pulley. When released, the heavier mass accelerated downward through gravitational force. Using mathematica, we determined that little g is 9.81m/s 2 for all trials. Possible sources of error include the length of the string, air resistance, and the force of the hand against the mass when releasing. Error Analysis Discussion : 1. If total mechanical energy TE had been conserved during each trial, then our values for TE as a function of time, such as would be greater than 0. 2. See Excel Spreadsheet 3. The total mechanical energy TE was not conserved during the three trials. We
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Unformatted text preview: know this because our values for TE as a function of time, were close to 0. However we do not need to alert CNN that a major law of physics has just been violated at AU because we didnt study an isolated system. 4. Yes, our TE +K rot results help our Energy Conservation situation, but do not resolve it entirely because many of the values are not near 0. 5. For our experiment, all of our little g values were very actual to the actual gravitational force value. Since our difference in energies was very small, we got an accurate reading when conducting this test. Some things that could have been changed were the length of the string, a consistent release of the heavier mass, and air resistance. 6. The fact that PE is not 0 could be a systematic error infesting in our Atwood system with respect to total mechanical energy TE because it is affected by PE or TE. 7. See Excel Spreadsheet...
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Physics110 Lab #9 write up - know this because our values...

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