Physics Lab #7 Report

Physics Lab #7 Report - and position that the instrument...

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Experiment VII: Uniform Circular Motion George Fountain III Lab Partner: Swati Samtani Instructor: David Friedlander-Holm October 21, 2010 Physics 110: Section 002
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Abstract: A centripetal force apparatus was used to study the factors and components essential to uniform circular motion. The experiment was performed by attaching masses to the “rotating object” (round brass object with three hooks). The photogate sensor measured the angular velocity of the apparatus as it is put in rotation. The length of the string supporting the hanging mass was recorded for both the equilibrium length and stretched length, using the digital Vernier caliper. Using the Data Studio computer program, the calculated centripetal force 0.814±0.128 N. The calculated spring constant was 0.04±0.02 N/m. Possible source of error includes the rate
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Unformatted text preview: and position that the instrument was moved because our instrument would not spin at a constant rate on its own without quickly decelerating, so we had to swing the platform of the apparatus by hand and try to get the indicator bracket matched up the best we could for the four second time interval. Error Analysis Discussion: 1. (see separate sheet) 2. The result using equation 7 found in step 3 is the more reliable answer because the analysis from the calculations can be more of a prediction than the accurate reading or determination. 3. The calculated percent error for all of our spring constant trials were all very high because the measurement from the digital Vernier caliper may have been off from the others, with an inaccurate tear value or confusion with point of measurement early in the experiment....
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Physics Lab #7 Report - and position that the instrument...

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