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George Fountain III November 30, 2010 Professor Voris Literary Imagination Hemingway Paragraph Imitation Text Example: “Out in the centre of the ring, all alone, Romero was going on with the same thing, getting so close that the bull could see him plainly, offering….” (Hemingway 222). Personal Imitation: In the center of the basketball court, the referee propelled the ball upward, igniting the roar of the crowded gymnasium, both players and coaches scanning the floor, all ten bodies constantly moving and signaling, shouting out numbers and commands, contrasting colors
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Unformatted text preview: blending and mixing with every dart of the ball, from one side to the next, inside and outside, until a drive led to a dump off pass, everyone rose to their toes and lifted the energy of everything in sight, the biggest man on the floor hung on the rim, the eyes of the audience following and staring, capturing every motion of the next play in transition, anxiously awaiting, another spectacular play in the making....
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