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Lit 105 Ohio Response Paper - George Fountain III...

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George Fountain III Literature 105 Professor Voris September 7, 2010 Winesburg, Ohio Response Paper In the episodic novel, Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson, the perspective shifts between several characters within multiple chapters. This feature represents the many stories being told with different thoughts and images, and provides realism. Providing realism to the reader allows the reader to be the judge of the events and how the situations characterize them as unique people. In the chapter “Paper Pills,” Anderson does not establish a speaker. Rather he uses a mysterious narrator to illustrate stories. For example, Anderson presents Doctor Reefy as lonely. According to the text, “Winesburg had forgotten the old man” (pg. 20). The people of Winesburg seemed to overlook the doctor’s contributions. They might have ignored the true depth of the doctor’s soul, “but in Doctor Reefy there were the seeds of something very fine” (pg. 20). Since everyone was detached from the feelings and thoughts of the doctor, the doctor kept to himself. The doctor kept balled up pieces of paper in his pocket. These pieces of paper he meant to read
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Lit 105 Ohio Response Paper - George Fountain III...

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