Lit 105 Poem 1

Lit 105 Poem 1 - Yeah I messed it up But since you've been...

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George Fountain III October 29, 2010 Literary Imagination Without You I knew it from the start, Felt it from the very beat of my heart. It hit me like a spark in the blackout dark; All you did was look at me and you made your mark. Let all those others bark, Nothing in life would ever pull us apart. I'd travel across the highest mountain top Just to wipe those tear drops dry Just to show you I'd never say goodbye. We've had history,
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Unformatted text preview: Yeah I messed it up. But since you've been gone, There is nothing inside me, It feels like dust. Everyone knows time flies when you’re having fun, But you really don’t gotta worry because when I’m with you, I give you my word, I’ll never run. So it don't matter how long we chill, Yeah sometimes we fight, But on this night you're not here, And without you I can't sleep tight....
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