Lit 105 Poem 2

Lit 105 Poem 2 - I wish you’d be my dime Take my hand and...

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George Fountain III October 29, 2010 Literary Imagination Just a Moment of Your Time I want you as my wife. I want the world to leave us be I want the world to set us free I like everything about you, Set up the stage I’ll write the script about you. It’s almost like a ship, if we end up going down, I won’t go down without you. I’ll call your name, It’s the first thing to my mind, Always and forever,
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Unformatted text preview: I wish you’d be my dime. Take my hand and smile You can let those tears fall I'll make it worth your while And always give it my all thru thick and thin I'll stay from the blinking of the sun to the fading of the day And in the night I'll hold you until sun appears. I'll take away sorrows, And cast away fears so let our love combine us, And I’ll Love you forevermore....
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