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Final Constitutional Law Paper Sources 1. Hudson, David Jr. L. "Student Expression: Clothing, Dress Codes, and Uniforms." First Amendment Center. 11 Jan. 2007. 31 Mar. 2007 < topic=clothing_dress_codes_uniforms>. 2. Raskin, Jamin B., and Mary B. Tinker. We the Students. 2nd ed. Washington, DC: CQ P, 2003. 3. Moore, Robert J. "Children Shall Be Seen and Not Heard: the First Amendment and the Public School Student." Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. 2007. 31 Mar. 2007 <>. 4. Hutton, Tom. "Newsom V. Albemarle County School Board, No. 03-1125 (4th Cir. December 1, 2003)." National School Boards Association. 2007. 31 Mar. 2007
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Unformatted text preview: <>. 5. "Case Summary: Bethel School District No. 403 V. Fraser." Education for Freedom. 31 Mar. 2007 < pportpages/L08-CaseSummaryBethel.htm>. 6. Abreu, Heidy, and Miguel Loza. "Morse V. Frederick (06-278)." Cornell Law School. Legal Information Institute. 15 Apr. 2007 <>. 7. Madrid, Max J., and Elizabeth A. Garcia. "Student Dress Codes: Constitutional Requirements." Modrall Sperling. 21 May 1999. 15 Apr. 2007 <>....
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