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Human Geo Exam 3 Review

Human Geo Exam 3 Review - Quiz#3 1 From a biological...

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Quiz #3 1. From a biological standpoint, race does not exist. 2. North America has the smallest % of the work force involved in primary activities. 3. Excavating iron ore is an example of primary economic activity. 4. Localization economy is the cost savings and advantages that individual firms get when they are located in the same area as other firms of the same industry. 5. Bangladesh today used to be known as East Pakistan. 6. The U.S. is the country or region least likely to engage in cultural nationalism. 7. According to Nobel peace prize-winning economist Gunnar Myrdal, cumulative causation and the spiral of local economic growth in one area tends to cause negative impacts in others called backwash effects . 8. Southeast Asia is NOT part of the core. 9. One would expect to find coffee and cocoa bean trees in a peripheral country with a large primary sector. 10. “Dependency” for peripheral countries means that they are dependent on core countries NOT for labor . 11. According to Frank’s “dependency theory,” the development and prosperity of the world’s core was based on the underdevelopment of the periphery. 12. A computer programmer is most involved in a quaternary activity . 13. Subsistence agriculture is most common in Asia. 14. According to Rostow’s model of economic development, in order for a country to be ready for “take-off” it must have a physical infrastructure and social/political elite. 15. The cost advantages that manufacturers get from high-volume production are known as economies of scale. 16. Sustainable Development is a vision of development that seeks to balance among considerations of economic growth, environmental impacts, and social equity. 17. Japan has the smallest amount of raw materials and energy sources.
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18. Commercial agriculture systems in the core are especially efficient in terms of food production and unit of labor. 19. Backwash effects do NOT include increase in forward and backward linkages.
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Human Geo Exam 3 Review - Quiz#3 1 From a biological...

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