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BUS 210 Week 1 Day 5 - Business Model & Systems

BUS 210 Week 1 Day 5 - Business Model & Systems - are...

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CheckPoint: Business Models and Systems Langford Lawn Care is family owned lawn Maintenance Company that I use to service my lawn and landscaping needs. Their business system consists of three main components that most businesses follow: 1. Business Commerce 2. Business Occupation 3. Business Organization Business commerce is considered the process where goods and services are produced. Being that Langford Lawn Care is a service, the goods are built in to the service. The exchange of money is between the customer (who pays the money) and the lawn servicing technician (who provides the service). Business occupation is the acquired skill given to provide the service to others. The employees that work on my lawn are trained in using the machinery and equipment. They
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Unformatted text preview: are also educated in pesticides and landscaping. These are hard working skills that some people choose not to learn or have time to do, therefore they prefer to pay others to do. The last component of the business system is business organization. This is the task and relationship that coordinate interaction between people so they have a common goal. Langford Lawn Care is a small business compared to others, as it is a local business servicing specifically a general area. They advertise locally and employee under twenty employees. The lawn company will have a relationship with suppliers as needed. They will need to maintain equipment, purchase tools, oil, gas, pesticides, etc. They will also maintain relations with repair shops for their machinery....
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