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syllabus-4b-Sp11 v2 - Chemistry 4B General Chemistry Spring...

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Chemistry 4B General Chemistry Spring 2011 Instructors: Dr. Michelle Douskey Professor Jamie Cate Office Hours Monday 2-3PM and Thursday 10-11AM in 307 Latimer Monday 2-3PM and Thursday 10-11AM 708B Stanley Hall Email: [email protected] [email protected] lecturing the first 7 weeks on quantitative analysis, instrumental methods, green chemistry and electrochemistry lecturing the second 7 weeks on kinetics, introductory organic, chemical biology and special topics Class Meetings MWF 10:10-11:00 AM in 1 Pimentel Hall Required Materials: Two textbooks are required, plus a laboratory manual (1) Principles of Modern Chemistry, by Oxtoby, Gillis and Campion, 6th edition, Thomson 2008 (2) Quantitative Chemical Analysis, by Harris, 8th edition, Freeman 2010 Lab Manual, available from Odin Readers and Ned’s on Bancroft Course Website EXPECTATIONS: In this course, the main goal is for you to develop your critical thinking skills in chemistry by learning about a wide variety of applications. Specifically, we will be building knowledge of chemistry, but also about the scientific process in general. CLASS ACTIVITES: Class time will consist of lecture, demonstrations, discussions, and short group activities/problem solving. Participation in discussion is expected and will maximize your learning. bSpace: You can log on to bSpace using your Calnet ID. In addition to posting relevant course information, we will be using bSpace as an online management tool for the grading database. You will be able to check your grades online throughout the semester. WEEKLY REVIEWS:
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syllabus-4b-Sp11 v2 - Chemistry 4B General Chemistry Spring...

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