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Lab Notebook Guidelines Chem 4A Fall 2010 Lab notebook pages are to be turned in at the end of each lab section. Before lab Date: Date of your lab section. Title: The title in the lab manual. Purpose: This section should state the goal of the laboratory and how it will be accomplished in 1 or 2 sentences. Procedure: This section is meant to include a general outline of the procedure to be followed. It will be detailed enough to be able to follow the general scheme of the laboratory exercise
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Unformatted text preview: without listing every step of the procedure. The format can vary from among labs and students, and (for example) be a flow chart or a list of numbered or bulleted steps. During lab Procedure: Write down any deviations from the procedure written in the laboratory manual. Observations: Include what you see and hear during the lab. Data/Calculations: Neatly tabulate all data collected and show work for calculations where appropriate....
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