ANT 2 Midterm

ANT 2 Midterm - 1 irs(15An appropriate length tofollowing...

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ose the MOST CORRECT answer, and list all in your bluebook. All answers written on this test sheet WILL NOT be graded. tions. An appropriate length to a response is approximately one paragraph; NO MORE than two paragraphs (10 pts. each). er (15 pts). Please answer the following question in roughly 3 paragraphs. 1 Anthropology 2 Intro to Cultural Anthropology A. A. Yengoyan Mid-Term Examination 1. Which of the following does NOT accurately describe Edward Tylor’s definition of culture? a) Culture is a complex whole b) Culture is acquired c) Culture includes knowledge, belief, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities d) Culture is defined by the individual 2. Cultural relativism is: a) the tendency to view your own culture as superior and to apply your own culture's values to judge the behavior and beliefs of people in other cultures b) the notion that groups have a right to preserve their culture c) the argument that one culture should not be judged by the standards of another d) the argument that there is a realm of justice and morality beyond and superior to particular countries, cultures, and religions e) all of the above 3. Which of the following best describes an ethnography? a) the study of aesthetics b) the study of language among Australian aborigines c) the study of complex social wholes d) the critical written representation of anthropologists’ fieldwork and findings 4. Which of the following is not a Marxist term/idea as discussed in class? a) Superstructure b) Consumerism c) False consciousness d) Production e) Class-antagonism 5. Ideology is an important concept for cultural anthropology because: a) It acts as a mechanism to account for changes when traditional cultural processes have disengaged from their institutional bases b) It is metaphysically important c) It helps to analyze class structures and relations of power and investigate the question of hegemony d) a and c
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2 6. Which of the following is not one of the main points of theories of language? a)
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ANT 2 Midterm - 1 irs(15An appropriate length tofollowing...

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