01A.+Introduction lab mic 101

01A.+Introduction lab mic 101 - Introduction to MIC 101...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to MIC 101 Page 1 Introduction to MIC 101 Microbiology 101 (Introductory Microbiology) is a Survey of Microorganisms emphasizing their Interactions with Humans and Diseases. This Course was designed for Students requiring Microbiology for Professional Schools (Dental School, Graduate School, Medical School, Pharmacy School, Veterinary School). MIC 101 is a Pre-Professional Course. Academic and Behavioral Standards in MIC 101 are Pre-Professional. What we ll cover in Today s Introduction: Welcome to MIC 101 Lab. Well spend quite a bit of Time going over Lab Safety (which is extremely important since well be working with real, live Bacteria) and then quite a bit of Time going over the Tools of the Trade (which are surprisingly easy to master). MIC 101 Emergency Procedures and Lab Safety (Pages 2-4) The First Order of Business is to cover all the Safety Rules to help ensure that your Time in Lab is as Productive and Positive as possible. This may well seem like too much for any mere Mortal to remember. It isnt. And to prove that, youll be tested over this Information in a couple of Weeks. Tools of the Trade (Pages 5-6) What are all those strange Potions and Implements on your Lab Bench? And whats all that Stuff in your Lab Drawer? Dont worry, well explain the Tools of the Trade, including all of those arcane Implements on your Bench Top and the mysterious Goodies in your assigned Lab Drawer. Well also cover Aseptic Technique, introducing the use of your Inoculating Loop, your Bunsen Burner and Petri Plates. Once again this might look like too much Stuff to remember. But our Tools of the Trade are like Kitchen Tools. Well go over the Mixer before you need to mix Stuff; well cover the Wok before you need to stir-fry Stuff. Clean-Up (Page 7) We know youre from The Bay Area, that your Father owns The Bahamas, and that you grew-up with Live-In Maid Service. But this is MIC 101 and were not paid to clean-up after you. Clean-up is seriously important in MIC 101. If you make a Mistake, someone can get Hurt and they can get Hurt really badly. Stuff on your Bench and in your Lab Drawer (Page 8) All this Stuff will rapidly become familiar to you. No, really. By the End of the Quarter youll know all this Stuff. Introduction to MIC 101 Page 2 MIC 101 Emergency Procedures Fire If the Fire Alarm goes off, all Fire Doors in the Building will automatically close. These will include the Fire Doors down the Hallway to the North toward Kleiber Hall, the Fire Doors immediately in front of the Elevator, and the Fire Doors at the Entrances to all Stairwells. You will need to press on the Aluminum Bar to open these Fire Doors. If the Aluminum Bar or the Fire Door itself it Hot, dont open it....
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This note was uploaded on 01/22/2011 for the course MIC 101 taught by Professor Mann during the Spring '09 term at UC Davis.

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01A.+Introduction lab mic 101 - Introduction to MIC 101...

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