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01B.+Streaking lab mic 101

01B.+Streaking lab mic 101 - Lab 1 Clean-Up(Page 2 Lab...

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Lab 1 Page 1 Lab 1 Clean-Up (Page 2) Lab Safety is Job One in MIC 101 and Lab Clean-Up is a critically important Component of Lab Safety. Lab 1 Exercises 1- Lighting your Bunsen Burner (Page 3) Prometheus stole Fire from Zeus for you, so put it to good Use. 2- Sterilizing your Inoculating Loop (Page 4) Basic. Fundamental. Easy. And Important. 3- Streaking (Pages 5-8) I like Peanut M&Ms. But I like the Red ones best so I eat them last. I always take a Package of Peanut M&Ms, pour it out onto a Table, and then spread them out with my Hand so they’re just one Layer Thick, and then use my Finger to move-out the Brown ones, then the Yellow ones, then the Green ones and finally the Red Ones. We’ll be doing roughly the same Thing Today when we streak Bacteria onto a Nutrient Agar Plate. First, we’ll transfer the Bacteria from an isolated Colony -- a small Button of Bacteria -- on one Plate (the “Mother Plate”) to a new Culture Plate. Then we’ll spread them out so we have individual Bacteria separated out on this new Plate. Each of these Bacteria will divide and divide and divide and produce a new Colony. 4- Making a Smear (Page 9) Today we’ll make Smears of Serratia and Bacillus on the same Slide. Your TA and Tutor will use The Best of your Smears to perform a Gram Stain. They’ll get out Microscopes so you can see what the Gram Negative Bacterium Serratia looks like (very, very small and Pink) and what the Gram Positive Bacterium Bacillus looks like (very small and Purple). A Fun Time will be had by all. Rogues Gallery (Pages 10-16) We’re going to be working extensively with seven (7) different Bacteria. We’ve invited these seven to Lab and have placed them on the Back Bench so you can get an Idea of their Colony Morphology and see some of the different Media we’ll be using during the Course. Background for Lab 1 Exercises (Pages 17-20) Here be Exam Questions. Or more precisely, the Answers to Exam Questions.
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Lab 1 Page 2 Lab 1 Clean-Up The Clean-Up at the End of each Lab Session is so Important that it gets its own Page at the Beginning of each Lab. You’ll be working with and contaminating a lot of Glassware, Pipettes, Slides, and Petri Plates. It is extremely Important that all used Glassware, Pipettes, Slides, and Petri Plates be placed in the appropriate Waste Container. When in doubt, Ask! The Basic Game Plan is always: If it ʼ s Sharp Glass (Slides, Cover Slips) - Put it in the Metal Pitcher If it ʼ s a Petri Plate - Put it in Oscar If it ʼ s Reusable Glassware (Test Tubes, Flasks, Bottles) - Put it in the Aluminum Bus Pan after you ʼ ve removed any Tape or Labels If it ʼ s a Serological Pipette - Put it in the Plastic Tray after you ʼ ve removed the Cotton Plug with your bent Paper Clip But the Specifics will always be written-out on its own Page at the Beginning of each Lab: • Nutrient Agar Plates go to Oscar - There shouldn’t be any Nutrient Agar Plates going to Oscar Today But you might encounter contaminated Nutrient Agar Plates with
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01B.+Streaking lab mic 101 - Lab 1 Clean-Up(Page 2 Lab...

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