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Experiment 1 – Part A Report Sheet Name __________________ Gravimetric, Volumetric and Statistical Methods Lab partner(s) ____________ GSI ___________________ Locker # ________________ Chapter 4 in Quantitative Chemical Analysis describes in detail how to obtain a confidence interval and its meaning. In the table below, report the means and 95 % confidence intervals for the different objects measured in this lab. Using a spreadsheet program such as Excel is highly recommended. Exact instructions for this are on p. 75 of Harris, 8 th ed. The instructions in this edition are much clearer than in previous editions. If you did not finish one of the exercises below during the lab period, write “did not
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Unformatted text preview: finish”. Number of Data Points Mean Standard Deviation 95 % Confidence Interval Lab Nickel Penny before 1982 Penny after 1982 The six pennies you weighed Penny data for the entire lab 10 mL of water (volumetric pipet) 10 mL of water (graduated cylinder) 10 mL of water (buret) # Drops of stearic acid solution per mL # Drops of stearic acid solution per monolayer Attach one sample calculation for a 95 % confidence interval to this sheet. This can include a printout of an Excel spreadsheet or a step-by-step sample calculation....
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