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ESPM 50 - F_10 - WR - week 9

ESPM 50 - F_10 - WR - week 9 - required to assert claims to...

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ESPM 50: Week 9 WR questions Fall 2010 1. Between 1693 and 1820, how did the environment (particularly the semi-arid conditions and mountainous terrain) and presence of different cultural groups (Hispano, Comanche, Pueblo, etc.) in northern New Mexico shape patterns of Hispano socioeconomic organization and the geography of settlement? 2. Explain the differences between Hispano and European American ideas about first rights to property in terms of the actions
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Unformatted text preview: required to assert claims to land ownership in each group. Specify how these actions reflect different cultural values concerning the individual and the collective. 3. Discuss at least two ways in which European Americans were able to gain control of Hispano common lands in the late 19 th century. Explain if and how Lockean notions of first rights justified these actions....
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