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ESPM 50 - Syllabus - F_10 - ESPM 50AC Fall 2010...

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1 ESPM 50AC Fall 2010 Introduction to Culture and Natural Resource Management Dr. Kurt Spreyer [email protected] Office hours : 229 Mulford Hall, 3-5 Wednesday or by appointment. Location : 100 Lewis Hall. Time : M, W, F 11-12. GSIs : Hekia Bodwitch: [email protected] Shannon Cram: [email protected] Lindsay Dillon: [email protected] Julie Klinger: [email protected] Kaitlyn Mathis: [email protected] Course goals and content: This course explores ideas and practices of natural resource management by different cultural groups in the United States. We will trace historical experiences of African Americans, American Indians, European Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinos in relation to the use of land and other natural resources, focusing on the American West and California since the mid-19 th century. We start with the contention that natural resource management is premised upon culturally distinct approaches to relationships between humans and nature, and associated social and economic systems. These, in turn, are conditioned by struggles between individuals and groups over access to and control of land, water and other resources. We will consider the importance of race, ethnicity, class, gender and other forms of identity in struggles over control of resources. For instance, how have racial differences shaped Indian rights to forest resources in northern California or Chinese American access to reclaimed farm land in the California Delta? We will use the themes of property, political economy, ecology, identity, representation and myth to investigate complex relationships between humans and nature, and how these have shaped American society and landscapes. Course requirements: The course has four elements: lectures; exams – two midterms and a final; two papers; and participation in discussion section. The exams contain short answer and brief essay questions that cover lectures, readings, and points raised in discussion. The papers will allow you to engage more personally and creatively with the course material. In section, you will have the opportunity to explore the readings and lectures, examine the issues raised, and discuss their own ideas. So you go section having completed the reading, thought about the material, and ready to engage!
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2 Readings: The reader is available in two volumes from Odin Readers, and can be purchased at Ned’s bookstore on Bancroft. Alternatively, you can buy used readers through the ESPM 50 reader exchange, to which all enrolled students have access through bspace. In addition to the reader, you are required to select one of the following books, all of which are available at Ned’s and often can be found used at local bookstores or on-line: Didion, Joan. Where I Was From . 2003. Kingston, Maxine Hong.
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ESPM 50 - Syllabus - F_10 - ESPM 50AC Fall 2010...

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