THE PRESIDENCY - T HE PRESIDENCY George Bush elected in...

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THE PRESIDENCY - George Bush elected in 2000, fought for a huge tax cut, but popularity declined and senate switched to control by democratic party. - War on terrorism rocketed bush’s approval ratings. (highest on record) & party won majorities in congress in midterm elections. - Bush’s homeland security was questioned by congress and press - After reelection, bush launched the social security program. His 2 nd term was disapproved by pub. - Main reason why presidents have trouble getting things done is that other policymakers with whom they deal have their own agendas, interests and own sources of checks and balances and competing centers of power. - The president is the subject of unending political analysis and speculation. - Presidential power is the power to persuade, have highly developed political skills to mobilize, influence, manage conflict negotiate and fashion compromises. THE PRESIDENT - Presidency is composed of the roles presidents must play, the powers at their disposal, and the large bureaucracy at their command GREAT EXPECTATIONS - when a new pres takes oath they have to face lots of daunting tasks: state of economy, peace, prosperity & security. Americans look to the pres to provide them a good life. - Americans are two minded about the presidency/ they want to believe in a powerful president, one who can do good. -
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THE PRESIDENCY - T HE PRESIDENCY George Bush elected in...

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