Exam#3-2009 - Microbial Genetics - BIOL518 Exam 3 - Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: Microbial Genetics - BIOL518 Exam 3 - Fall 2009 Name: Multiple Choice. Choose ALL of the correct answers for each question. There may be more than one correct answer per question. (48, 4 pts each) 1: Which is true for the process of natural transformation in Neisseria meningitidis (Gram-negative): A: DNA imported is not based upon sequence specificity. B: DNA enters bacterial cytosol as double strand. C: Competence must be induced before DNA uptake. D: DNA binds to cell wall protein at the bacterial surface 2: Positive regulation of the lacZYA operon is directly caused by : A: LacI binding at lacO . B: CRP-cAMP binding just upstream of the lac promoter. C: the absence of lactose. D: the availabity of glucose. 3: In the process of replicative transposition: A: DNA is cut on opposite strands at the two ends of the target sequence. B: transposase cuts both strands of DNA at both ends of the transposon. C: a cointegrate structure forms that has the donor and recipient DNA's connected by two copies of the transposon. D: the only replication required is to duplicate the target sequence. 4: Which of the following is correct regarding the original 1928 'transforming principle' experiment? A: Organisms from smooth colonies did not effect mice (no death) B: Extracts of heat-treated smooth colony bacteria mixed with heat-treated rough colony bacteria had no effect on mice (no death). C: Organisms from rough colonies killed mice D: Performed by Fred Avery 5: When phage lambda infects a bacterial cell, which of the following are involved in its "decision" to undergo a lytic or a lysogenic infection? A: Cro binding first to all of the operator sites will cause the phage to undergo a lytic infection. B: Q binding to the cI protein will prevent the phage from undergoing a lysogenic infection. C: If the phage DNA is packaged into phage heads before the Int protein can function, the phage will undergo a lytic infection. D: If the N protein binds to the operator sites first, the phage will undergo a lysogenic infection. 6: Which of the following can result in a higher rate of transcription intiation from a promoter AND respond to changes in the envronment of the organism (on a day-to-day time scale)? A: a promoter sequence that is a better match to the consensus sequence for the sigma factor used. B: the addition of an UP element. C: the addition of an appropriately placed binding site for an activator protein. D: the addition of an appropriately placed binding site for a repressor protein. 7: The minimal requirements for a transposable element are; A: Inverted repeats of DNA B: Gene encoding antibiotic resistance C: Gene encoding a transposase D: Enzyme to resolve homologous recombination event Page 1, v1 Microbial Genetics - BIOL518 Exam 3 - Fall 2009 Name: 8: Which combinations of proteins effector molecules would result in the expression of the regulated genes being turned ON?...
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Exam#3-2009 - Microbial Genetics - BIOL518 Exam 3 - Fall...

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