Exam#4-2010 - Microbial Genetics BIOL518 Exam 4 - Fall 2010...

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Microbial Genetics BIOL518 Exam 4 - Fall 2010 Name_____________________________________________________________________ Multiple Choice. Choos e all of the correct answers for each question. There may be more than one correct answer per question. (52 points, 4 pts each) 1: During the classical heat shock response (temperature increase), A: proteins become toxic to a bacterium due to the extreme stability and maintence of normal activity B: genes encoding proteases are dramatically upregulated and chaperones are downregulated C: a protein called DnaK will bind to promoters of heat shock genes and directly enhance gene expression D: a response is observed that is very similar to bacteria that are exposed to a drop in pH 2: Within the phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) dependent sugar phosphotransferase system (PTS) A: Glucose is phosphorylated (to Glucose-6-phosphate) by phosphorylated IIA Glc B: Unphosphorylated IIA Glc will activate adenylate cyclase C: Unphosphorylated IIA Glc will inhibit transport of lactose (LacY) D: Low glucose levels will almost immediately result in high concentrations of unphosphorylated IIA Glc 3: Which of the following would be considered a Riboswitch? A: A 5' untranslated mRNA region that can bind a protein in a position that blocks the ribosome binding site of the first gene in the operon. B: A 5' untranslated mRNA region that can fold into transcription terminator or antiterminator structures, depending on the availability of a small molecule. C: A promoter region that binds an activator protein. D: The 5' untranslated region of the E. coli trp biosynthetic operon. 4: The sigma-54 subunit, complexed with RNA polymerase core enzyme: A: can form an open promoter complex, but can not initiate mRNA chain growth. B: is never able to initiate transcription in the absence of an activator protein. C: recognizes sequences at -10 and -35 relative to the transcription start site. D: requires that sigma-70 also be bound in the complex to initiate transcription. 5: In the presence of a large excess of free tryptophan, the E. coli trpEDCBA leader mRNA: A: will not be transcribed. B: will form the attenuator stem-loop (hairpin). C: will form the pause stem-loop and the attenuator stem-loop (hairpin). D: will form the anti-terminator stem-loop (hairpin). 6: During the stationary phase response A: a small non coding RNA termed DsrA will bind to rpoS transcript and inhibit translation B: translation of rpoS occurs at a level similar to that during exponential growth C: an RNA binding protein termed Hfq will bind rpoS transcript and inhibit translation D: the majority of rpoS regulation (expression of RpoS) occurs prior to rpoS transcription 7: During the regulation of virulence gene expression in Corynebacterium diptheriae , A: the decreased levels of iron in the host are a signal to activate expression of virulence genes B: the two component signal transduction system BvgS/BvgA is used to activate virulence gene expression C: expression of the bacteriophage encoded diptheria toxin is affected
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Exam#4-2010 - Microbial Genetics BIOL518 Exam 4 - Fall 2010...

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